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Does anyone else have some kind of Manic / Deppresive mental head?

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koolaid23 6 May 2010

I do. I am on 3 different depressants at the same time. While on these i became suidial and was put in the mental ward for 3 weeks they still have me on the same thing

Nikoletta101 12 May 2010

Hi, Yeah I'm on 1 anti deppressant, 1 anti phsychotic, and an anxiety med.
I just actually started the anti phsycotic its a new xtended release version, makes my head float on a cloud and really tired! I'm not phsychotic or anything but this med is I guess used for other things. I'm so glad someone wrote back to me, thank you and w/b again if u want. Cya... free discount card

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