Hi I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome minimal change diease since 1985 have been on many different medications the latter being cyclosporine and steriods. I had a full blow relapse in 2008 and went into the royal london hospital and had a biopsy and was told that my condition had developed and changed into fsgs. having come through the relapse and into remission with steroids (which they said I was resistant to) and cyclophosphamide with no really bad side effects taking place apart from the moon face from steroids. other drugs included cholesterol and high blood pressure tablets due to the medication. Not wanting to keep me on the cyclophosamide i was changed to azathioprine which caused me to have side effects causing me to get boils all over me. afer getting the doctor to change my tablets he put me on cellcept which is currently causing me deafness bad acne and depression. I was told the medication for this condition is limited do you know of any other medications available as this is really getting me down and I dont know where to turn to next.