I started lowering my dose of lexapro over the last six months or so, I've lowered it successfully from 20mg to 5mg over this time with no noticable side-effects.

Last month my doctor had me take 5mg for 2 weeks, then 5mg ever second day for 2 weeks and then to stop. I started noticing some brain zaps on the alternative days but they were tolerable. Since I stopped taking the medication entirely on Thursday the brain zaps have gotten way worse to the point that I'm in tears with them. I wondering if anyone else has experienced this when coming over medication?
Also, I've gone nearly 4 full days of this now so I don't want to take a tablet at this stage cause I feel all of the crap I've gone through over the last few days will be worth nothing. If someone could tell me that I'm not going to die from this and it will be over soon then I could stick it out, it's just right now I feel tearful and miserable and nausous from the stupid brain zaps!!


Any advice ye could give me guys would be much appreciated.