Falling the other about 15 times went blind in my right eye for about 20 min today. The er took a cat scan,ekg,and blood test. They had a hard time with the blood test which has never happened b4. They put the needle in just find but as the blood started going in the needle you could see a drp then a space then drop space so on. I said that's weird never seen that b4 the lab tec said me either. The blood clotted as soon as it got in the needle before it got in the tube. When he took it out it bled like a cut would never bled that much from a needle b4. So he went to another needle in the other arm. Hit vein fine got some blood in the tube went to flush it and I screamed in pain he said my vein broke. It was a litl needle they was gonna start an iv. Tried my hand and it was fine. I have never had a prb b4 I could understand if I was dehydrated or something but I wasn't. The blood cltting in the actual needle wasn't the only weird thing. I was talking to the nurse and hubby all of a sudden I lost my voice. I'm so glad I'm typing or u wouldn't here me lol. But there is nothing wrong with my throat at all. So I told my hubby to tell the nurse or doc. She came in said it was weird cause they didn't even give me anything we asked if it could be why I'm falling out she said no nothing wrong with my throught maybe my vocal cords are paralized. I was lmao still do everytime I think of it. My bp is 120/80 I understand that is good a lot of people wish thiers was but, mine is always about 105/68 I've had increased pain that is prob the reason for that litl change nothing to worry about. But I have had these things all happen in last 2 days... falling out,fainting, hieghten pain,more sensitivity [I didn't tell you shots never bothered me at all never hurt but every needle to day felt like a knife stabbing me butterfly plastic needles!] Clotting blood,more bleeding also, blindness in r eye,oh pressure in chest and a sudden lost of voice{paralize voice box lol} my husband and people in the waiting room with us said when I'm walking now I'm walking kind of side ways and diagnal.the hospital told me the ekg/cat scan/ blood test and throat was all normal said had to be side effects from avonex. So my qustion I guess is has anyone ever had these symptoms all of a sudden like the fainting or falling out from avonex? Has anyone ever lost their voice from avonx. Has it ever disrupted your walking more than usual so quick? I know other things are actual symptoms of ms but thoose are weird. I feel like every symptom I have ever had from ms has been brought out all at once in magnified ways. Does this medication quickly at first bring out all the symptoms trying to fight them to slow them down? I know this is a lot of questions. But any answers or opinions will be greatly appreciated and cosidered. I mean even the blind in one eye a symptom of ms but I've only gotten the clouds and double vision no total blindness.the hospital said gotta be side effect call my dr tomarrow. I said how wil he hear me lol. Then I told my hubby good thing u have a smart I can send a voice text to him. Lol I will prob stop it as all u friend know each shot more and more s%^& is happening. I may ask to try tysabri may have spelled that wrong is this a god idea??? Pleas help if can thank you everyone!!! Yf Jaime