I have adult ADD that is so bad that no only does it cause me to lose out on decent jobs, but I it also makes me a danger on the road.

I am currently taking Strattera and it is helping me so well that I was currently offered a permanent position at a temp assignment that would pay me very well for my skill level. The problem is that this job would also bump me off my state-funded insurance (which requires me to live below the poverty line to be eligible). I hate living below the poverty line, but I cannot find an affordable private medical insurance plan at the income level that I would be at if I took the job. I also want to make it through college so that I no longer have to mooch off the state one day, but I cannot do that without medication (I can't study with my ADD).

Would it be realistic to obtain Strattera from Nogales without a prescription? I live close enough to Nogales that it wouldn't even be a day trip to pick it up.

Thank you for any help that you are able to give.