I have two questions that I am hoping someone can help me with. I was just recently diagnosed with early diabetes. It is not pre diabetes, but the actual early stage of type 2 that I am told by my doctor can be controlled by cutting out all sugar. She gave me no rules or guidelines and no sugggestions. I have been eating sugars of a sort all of my life, and so I am having difficulty just stopping sugar use completely. I was also told by several people that that is something I should do kind of slowly since it is early stage and therefore not critical as long as I don't "dally." My diet and health are such that I would probably have some trouble if I just quit. I have Addison's Disease (very complicated), and if I stress my body out physically or mentally, it could kill me, so I thought that just switching to Splenda and then taking it not too slow, but slow enough where I am not stressing myself out to the point that I would go into what is called an Adisonian crisis (very bad and very dangerous) it would be ok. The problem is: the last three or four days, after eating, I get nauseated, and start sweating profusely and get a bit dizzy and off balance. I also get a headache. I didn't pay any attention to it at first. I have been ill with a virus and I just chalked it off to that, but now I am beginning to wonder. Yesterday and today, I tried to keep a heads up and pay attention to when I got this, and several times now, I got the same symptoms after eating something with sugar in it. Does anyone know if that is happening because I am ingesting sugar and I'm not supposed to be? I looked to several sites and I can't seem to find anything that tells me what happens if you eat too much sugar when you have diabetes. I know that in extreme situations, it causes coma and possibly death, but this is not an extreme. It is early stage and I don't know what to expect if I eat a little sugar when I'm not supposed to. I did switch Splenda, but it was the Splenda blend, which is part sucralose and part sugar. Also,I was not told to watch carbohydrates and fruit. As a matter of fact, my doctor told me that I should eat fruit as my dessert, like a substitute for my sugar desserts. Can anyone tell me if what I have been feeling is a symptom of eating too much sugar at a meal or if I just still have that virus? I was going to ask a second question, but since I am still the longwinded one on this site, I will hold it off until after I hopefully get some help with this question. Thank you all very much... beanmarie