... proper application technique. Firstly: the exact way to hold the applicator when applying the solution. My Doc showed me to hold it 'lengthwise,' such that it is parallel to the up & down swipe direction, and thus parallel to the arm and axilla themselves; but the photo in the booklet that comes with the box AND the drawing in the application description section of the prescribing info both portray a man applying the solution while holding the applicator 'width-wise,' or perpendicular to the arm/axilla. The 'lengthwise' position seems to make more sense logically because it seems to fit better when swiping through the whole axilla than if the applicator were held width-wise. When I try to swipe holding the applicator width-wise, or 'perpendicular' to the axilla, it is fine for the top half of the axilla; but it gets problematic when I reach the bottom half of my armpit, because that part of my pit is very 'deep' due to it being sandwiched between the walls created by both my pecks in the front and my lattisimus dorsi in the back. Because of this 'pit-depth,' I cannot get into this lower half of my armpit unless I hold the applicator 'lengthwise', or parallel to the swiping direction. So, why don't I just apply with the applicator held in this lengthwise fashion, as my Doctor recommended? Well, because I notice that when I do this - even though it facilitates my ability to reach the deep part of my axilla - it tends to cause a lot more dripping of the solution down the front/side of my torso than when I hold the applicator perpendicular to the arm/axilla, as it is portrayed in the booklet instructions and prescribing info. I'd really like to know how anyone who uses this product successfully holds the applicator. Any help would be much appreciated.
One last question I have has to do with the swiping technique itself. I find the instructions in the P.I. to be a bit unclear; it states that you should steadily swipe down and up into the axilla. The word 'steadily' at first gave me the impression that you continue to swipe the applicator down and up until no more solution is left in the applicator and none is dripping from your armpit (IOW, it didn't strike me that the instructions were calling for a specific number of swipes). This is how I did it for some time, until my Doc told me you're supposed to literally swipe down once and then up once. But when I attempt swiping down once and up once, there is always a large amount of the solution still left in the applicator! After reporting this to my Doc, he said to try swiping down & up twice; but I still find that - what with having to catch any dripping solution and pull it back up into the axilla and trying to make sure that I've used all the solution from the applicator - it always for me takes something more like 3 or 4 complete down-up swipes per single axilla application. However, I surely do not want to be swiping more than necessary, as doing so may remove some of the Testosterone from the axilla back onto the applicator, etc.. Can anyone please shed some light on this issue for me? How many times do you swipe up/down per application? Any tricks to avoid the dreaded dripping solution? Thanks again :o)