..Hi all, I am new to this group. I have such great responses from my SSRI and sexual dysfunction group I am over whelmed. I have been on SSRI's for 3 years now and a former shell of my old self. I just kept taking all these pills hoping they would work. I have been in the medical field for 30+years you would think I would no better. I have lost all passion on all fronts. I would love to here from you that have came off SSRI drugs and switched to wellbutrin, or other drugs with any success. I just now after all this time started doing research on the drugs I am on. How scarey is that. Life treating conditions, long term effects after stopping, permanent effects on and on. I want to ween off the SSRI as soon as possible and try wellbutrin. Hoping it may bring me back to life. I am not looking forward to getting off these SSRI's and a couple of others they have me on (off label) they also have terrible withdrawal symptoms. Thank you all. Dave