sweating profusely and vomitting. My son was close to calling 911 and out of sheer desperation of not wanting to be in the hospital again, I held out. I took my full dose for the day yesterday. I don't know if I have two separate issues going on, as I have been able to taper down in the past pretty easily by 2mg. I am suppose to see a new doctor on Monday, and I am both afraid he is not going to try to taper me down, or that he will try to do it too fast, and I will be extremely sick. Something is making my sick and I can't believe it's in my mind. I have had several bouts of this type of thing, the first one happened while I was shopping. I felt extremely weak, started sweating profusely, and then just started throwing up bile, after doing this most of the night, I ended up in the E.R. I have had CT scans and Endoscopies, and they were both negative, only severe gastritis was noted and once they told me I had pancreatitis. I don't drink, so I just thought it was withdrawal symptoms since I was tapering off. I am not so sure anymore, as I find it hard to believe that 2mg, in 1 day, could make me so sick. I am starting to feel like I will never be able to get off of the sub, and at the same time, that the subs are affecting my health in a very negative way. I have not heard from Robert_325, so I hope soon I might here something. I know 25% is what is recommended to start the taper. I am very concerned.