I've been on Levora birth control for two months, I am on the third day of my peach pills but I started spotting before I was supposed to take the first one on Sunday.. Which I didn't, but it is now Tuesday and I have light blood when I urunate. Sunday was light pink when I wiped, leaving Monday a medium flow as if it were my cycle and today a very light red spotting. Last Monday was the last day of the same strange bleeding as now. Only a week apart. I was taking my pills on time everyday when I first started.. But since I really been on this second pack I've missed numerous dats, including one or MAYBE two out of the first pack. My partner and I stopped using condoms after my first period since I started the pill. I'm not sure if I'm having a early light period, implantation bleeding or what but I would love for anyone to help me figure it out as I await my doctors appointment