... impulsivity inattention organization etc i depend on this to go about my daily tasks my boys agge 12 and 5 yrs both have adhd my oldest also has odd and suspected aspergers syndrome his behaviour so outta control was half days at school suspensions and at one point recently had not attended school for 2 months... as my oldest sons behaiour worsened i have had some anxiety symptoms which i will describe as panic attacks or generalized anxiety dunno for sure but from people witnessing myself at stressful times and their own life experiences ... i also have in past been told by a doc that i have irratible bowel syndrome ... tried wellburin for a short time but stopped it as my oldest son is not at home with me now so a lot of the stress related issues i was having were eliminated after he left home i have not had any of the anxiety issues since but i still have other custody and family related issues that do cause a lot of unneeded stress lately i seem to have a lot of gas or what i would call feeling bloated gassy mild stomach discomfort always had some difficulty with this as i had a bleeding ulcer when i was a teen which may have been due to some of my alchol consumption at the time and i am a worrywort and no matter what the medical findings i know when i am stressed or something is upsetting me or bothering me it does effect my all in alll well being and physical health i do not take anything for nerves or anything like that just dexedrine for my adhd was diagnosed as a teen and prescribed dexedrine i take meds for my stomach my ulcer is not the cause i do not believe of all this gas and discomfort and i do not believe is stress related i am 36 yrs old ... been reaading up on adhd for myself and i am always doing as much as i can to try to help with my sons adhd and his meds difficulties etc... anyway i just read somewhere about antacids or alka seltzer saw several sites where people are questioning about taking this or tums everyday is sopposed to increase all this gassiness is how one described it over all my years of researching talking with health professionals counsellors doctors about myself or my son i have never until now seen this ... is this a common problem with people with adhd to have any gas or stomach problems and is it due to the adhd or the meds taken for it ... i had my bleeding ulcer before my adhd was diagnosed and had not been on the adhd meds yet so i do believe my stomach problems are not from the meds my adhd possibly because i used to get so excited at the holidays i would be sick to my stomach ... my hyperness is not at such a high level now as an adult but i do have poor attention and organization skills and have a problem with daily tasks etc without my meds but would like to know what your feedback is on the tums and if u think this would help and if this is a new medical finding