... Side Effects which is why I got off the drug quickly. I was on it for about 3 years. I did far better with Ritalin. Well, for the first 6 months it worked. Then, as time went on, all the drug would make me do is sleep, not eat yet not lose weight. AS a matter of fact, gaining in three years 90 pounds from psych meds, the Adderall seemed not only not stop it, not help it, but even assist in the weight gain. Strange how it took me two weeks to come off it, and then I started dropping some weight. It also got to the Point with this drug, where I would wake up feeling awake, take it and go right back to bed. Unfortunately, my ADHD is not so good right now. Anyways, the core symptoms were: Exhaustion, couldn't stay awake, not eating until the drug wore off, Zero Motivation. I'll speak to my doc about going back on Ritalin. Any info would be great, thanks! Oh and yes we tried upping the dose.