Hey guys, dr told me I could go down to 300 of lithium till he reevaluates in 2 weeks. Anyone ever hear of 300 being an effective dose? I was so manic I was so out of controll I couldent remember what I did last night! Ugh! First day back in 900 of lithium I wanted to die. Seriously the 300 seems to be working fine as long as I take my bedtime... 300 seroquil, 30 remeron, 60 cymbalta, 20 inderol oh and the 300 of the lith. Problem... The later at night it gets the less and less and less I want to take my pills! I feel good and I don't want to get slammed back down! If it weren't for a loving husband yelling out every 20min "shell it's time to take your pills!!" I don't think I would! I think maybe I just can't accept a total loss of even just a tiny bit of mania! I've had it all my life! It's all I know! If it weren't for the bad deceptions and well all the negative behavior that goes with being compleatlyflying high mania if I could keep the good and get rid of the bad behavior I would never want to come down! Damm it I miss it! I felt so alive! Someone please remind me why I begged my doc for help to come down!