I'm not a stranger on here,I do have few friends,so I'm hoping I cn get some support,answers,advice,really anything,I'm not getting anything at my home,but anyway,I was sitting reading my Bible when I went to get up&the book kinda pushed up against my breast&it kinda hurt,something unusual you know,well I put my hand n my bra over my breast,and there was a knot the size of a small pecan,it was hard to the touch,then the skin area on top of the knot was red,look like from heat,like a heating pad had been on it.so OK,IV told you all my need,pleas let me no if anyone has any ideas,also cn someone tell me what all to expect as I go n for MRI&so forth,help me to know the steps if you can. Thanks to all&GOD BLESS EVERYONE. Juanita