In April, I started on Lamictal and after a month or so reached my therapeutic level, was taking my Klonopin 2 mgs twice a day. I felt like a new woman, happy, not crying all the time, felt like I was at the end of my tunnel and could see light. Now I rarely sleep,and when I do sleep, I have really scary nightmares. Hmmmmm, wonder what to do. Stress does strange things to me so, I try to avoid stressful situations and people. Sleep meds are no longer working and hubby refuses to bop my hard head with a hammer. Here I am, 1:00 am and not the least bit sleepy after taking all sleep inducing meds. Opinions anyone? Suggestions my friends? I need someone to think outside the box on this issue. I've tried everything I can think of, and I ponder problems to distraction.