I just wanted to let everyone know that my phone crashed and I forgot all my passwords so I couldn't get into anything on my computer because it wanted to send password resets to my phone or email and again, I couldn't get in. I couldn't even get anyones numbers out my of my phone. I just wanted to see how all my friends are doing. I am back. Sweetlemon, I read about your hubby, How is he? I am praying for y'all. Patti how r u? Billy how r u and your mother? Good I hope. I am thinking about evrryone and hope I hear from y'all soon. I couldn't name everyone, but I do miss all. I am about the same. My Aunt is trying to help me find a rehab to get off methadone, but they r all soooooo expensive without insurance. If u have any suggestions for rehab, or if u just wanna catch me up I hope to hear from you all... love, Anna