Hey everyone. I am posting this today to help my mom find some answers. She believes to have Rheumatoid Arthritis, She see's a Rhuematologist, whom is checking her for all of these things , but the doctor specializes in Sjogrens Syndrome which, she tested negative for. She is so sad that the doctor cannot figure out whats wrong with her. I will tell everyone here her symptoms, and if anyone thinks or has anything to help her with this problem, can you please comment back on this please. Her symptoms include, Extreme Fatigue, Joint Stiffness and pain in her fingers, she has Sicca Syndrome( Dry mouth/Dry Eyes.) she can sleep for seriously three days straight and not eat, because she is too tired to even get up to eat.:( She lost all kinds of weight, due to not eating, and even when she does eat she drops the weight as well. I am super considered for her health.
Please Write

Thank You for or everyones time! -Dawn