As you know, MONTHS ago, I was looking into a spinal neural stimulator for my severe back pain. My son is getting married in May, and my goal was to dance (not fast, not much) at his wedding!! At that point I was unable to even do that. I had the trial which went much better than expected, then wait, wait, wait, to visit the neurosurgeon, and of course then be scheduled for surgery. His surgery was so filled that they couldn't fit me in till mid-April!! With a six to eight week recovery period, that simply wasn't acceptable. Then they put me at the top of their cancellation list, and a week ago Friday got a call asking me to go to pre-op to be ready for Monday AM surgery!! YAY!!
I can't say that this has been a very easy period for me, and to me the pain is excruciating, but I am managing it knowing that the outcome will be successful!! (positive thinking, positive thinking!!) I know that I have been fighting infection, but my fever is slowly going down, and my hubby says that the scars look good. No oozing, scabs healing, and very little redness. I don't like that the battery pack sticks out like it does, and I hope that my body isn't rejecting it, but time will tell.

Just wanted to give you an update! I can't sit at the computer for more than a few minutes at a time, so please forgive me if I don't answer your posts often.

thank you all for your wonderful support!! I really mean that. I would not have even known about the SNS were it not for this group!! This process started out almost a YEAR ago, that's how long I've been waiting, which is why I didn't mention it sooner. I guess that I never thought that it really would happen.

Thank you my friends for being there for me. You truly are my second family, and I don't' know what I would do without your support!!