... in general, so iwas just looking for some general feedback or suggestions. I was taking about 60mg every 4 hours every day for almost a year, so about 180mg daily give or take. Just a week or two ago i decided that my addiction was draining my wallet and doing a number on my relationship and social life. I was spending thousands of dollars at a time and never wanted to go out, drink or hang with my friends really. I am 25 years old and that issnt the path i want to continue on. I started tappering down from 6 at a time, then 3 or 4 days later i would go down to 4, then 2, and so forth. i slipped a couple of days but it has been 2 days now without any pills. I must also state that i am prescribed to xanax for anxiety. sorry for the long story its just hard to find someone who understands. believe it or not my own girlfeind didnt even know untill i told her last week, and thankfully she wass understanding. Anyway idk how but one of my buddies can get ahold of pretty much anything, so i bought 5 suboxone's from him just in case i needed one. i didnt know if i would take them or not but i just wanted to be safe so i didnt have severe WD. After tappering off and finally stopping the pills, i was obviously achy all over, mostly my feet and knees so the 2nd day (today) i decided to take a suboxone and it helped a lot. I did have a mild headache on and off for the day but wasnt anything unbarable. I just didnt know if i should keep taking the suboxyone's and i dont even kow if it is safe to take with my xanax. But either way im done with the pain meds period. i guess i'll just take it day by day and c how i feel, maybe i'll just cut the suboxyone film in half if i still feel the WD and then maybe a quarter the next time. I'm thinkin i should b sraight no longer than a week and then i will finally have no more feeling of WD. Idk i am open to any and all suggestions obviously since i seem to have wrote a short novel by rambling on. Please any advice would make me feel better. Thank You