(pitting peripheral edema for you medical folks). I have not been adding more salt to my diet than usual. I did start back on Soma recently but I've been on it for like 2 months now and this has been showing up in the last week or so and I had taken Soma for a long time previously and do not remember having this problem with Soma before. Has anyone noticed swelling after starting Soma? I have been having a lot of back pain too but it just seems to be normal back pain just increased (like a flare)but I do wonder if something isnt going on with the kidneys. I even take HCTZ 50mg daily and it just doesnt seem to be doing much for the swelling. They do go down some at night but not all the way. I guess it is time to break down and go see the Primary Dr!! I'm supposed to be going to Las Vegas this weekend so it will have to wait until next week!