... ophthalmologist has suggested acyclovir ointment,acyclovir 400mg thrice a day,moxifloxacin drops,refresh eye drops,cyclogyl drops,.i was improved by 7th day and my corneal stain had become nil by then.since there was corneal opacity,i was put on steroid drops and oral steroid.i was feeling okay for three days and once again the symtoms of red eye,burning sensation,watering recurred.i immeditely consultedthe same ophthalmologist andhe found the corneal staining has become positive and there is exudation in the anterior chamber.he has stopped steroid atonce and recommended isoxuridine eye drops,atropine eye drops,moxiflox eye drops,antiinflammatory drugs,refresh eye drops which i have started from morning but my redness,pain in the eyes,and watering have not subsided.i am worried.please guide me.will i be okay and will my vision be normal?how long will it take?
smit shah