I was visibly "diagnosed" by 2 different gynecologists that I have Herpes. They don't know which one because blood tests have not yet come back. I'm scared, but I'm ready to deal with it. The timeline however, isn't adding up much. I had oral sex about a week or so ago and during and immediately after starting having discomfort. My labia minora was red, inflammed and had torn at the very top of my vagina. It was rough sex which I shut down after i could no longer take it comfortably. There were no visible cold sores, nothing on his penis. I saw nothing, i felt nothing. However now, Herpes seems to be the only conclusion. The bumbs look like pimples, white heads more or less and they're only hanging out on the top part of my vagina. Nothing lower, vulva cervix area, and they are not spreading. I'm on Valtrex just in case and should know either tomorrow or Monday what the verdict is. Could this be an infection or some sorts? Does the virus really show up that quickliy?