I have 2 herniated discs L4 & L5 and severe spinal stenosis. I take 15mg MSContin2x daily, 7.5/3.25mg Percocet 3x daily and 10 mg Valium 3x daily. In the last week, when I go to bed at night and go to sleep, I lose control of my bowels. This does not happen during the day at work, only at night, so therefore, every time I wake up I am also cleaning up, I have not had this problem until recently and wonder if possibly the spinal stenosis or the disc problems are getting worse and affecting the control of my bowels. I see a GP for my problem through the county I live in because I have no insurance and cannot afford a pain management doctor, let alone my scrips, so I am asking anyone out there if they have experienced this and what their doctor told them. Any help would be appreciated!