... 8 months. I've done the conservative treatment approach and it hasn't helped. I talked to my neurosurgeon and I've decided to have a microdiscectomy two weeks from today on March 4th. I'm just very worried about having general anesthesia. Some of it has to do with my having mitral valve prolapse. It causes me to have palpitations. I also take a low dose ( 10 mg) of Lisinorpril for hypertension and 10mg of simvastatin for cholesterol. Is general anesthesia pretty safe? Does it feel like you're falling asleep? My neurosurgen said that most of the anesthesia will be given to me through IV with a little through gas. Will they give me propofol? Also, will I have to be on a ventilator? From what I understand, if you're on smaller doses of propfol you will probably breathe on your own while bigger doses will require a ventilator. I'm guessing when I had my wisdom teeth out I was given a smaller dose. Thanks,