... stuff has come out on both sides. I went to see an orthopaedic surgeon who said I have no option but to have surgery. He then just emailed me the procedure and wanted an answer on the next appointment. I done my own research not only on him but the surgery and I decided against it. On my next appointment I sat down and told him no and he slammed my case closed and said don't come back until you can no longer use your hands. I was very upset. I am on a concoction of medication but over the last few weeks the pain is getting unbearable to the point I can't get comfortable. I don't know what to do. My doctor has referred me to the pain clinic and I'm hoping to have some more potent pain relief. Currently I am on Co-Codamol and pre-Gabalin.
Can the pain get worse, am I going to end up wheelchair bound?
Many thanks for any answers given