... Previously untreated severe lower back pain, my doc finally did an MRI and found this. Instead of prescribing me anything, she sent me straight to my local pain treatment center. This took a little over 6 months to get in, the only thing I had in between was gababpentin 300mgxTID. As soon as I walk in the exam room the PA told me " you're too young to be here". Which I realized afterwards was basicly insinuating that I was too young to be hurt!!! So they continued with my gabapentin and prescribed me a measly 1 hydrocodone 5mg one time a day... shortly after this maybe 8 days I ended up in the ER after waking up one morning after my back was hurting pretty bad the night before, and could not walk. Ended up getting a shot of dilaudid and 3 robaxin 500s and had to be wheeled to the car. The next day I had to make myself crawl to the car in excruciating pain to make another trip to the ER. This time they gave me and IV of dilaudid and did a ct. The doc came back and said he could see that the disc was herniated and said specifically that one 5mg tab a day was nowhere near enough, and gave me one 5mg tab QID on top of my other one 5mg tab. I go back in a week or so but this one 5mg tab isn't doing anything for me. If anything it just makes me feel a bit better but does nothing for the pain.
That incident left me in the bed for 7days.

Does anyone have any advice on what I should do?
A friend of mine goes to the same clinic because he broke two vertebrae a year and a half before he got in there and they take care of him and he's my age also.

I just have a feeling that I'm getting screwed over because I didn't have a major accident...