On November 24th I had a hernia repair. I was in recovery for over 5 hours in so much pain. I was screaming. The pain was on my right side not the left where the incisions were. I was told I would need a few days to recoup. I could not get out of a recliner on my own for four days and was out of work for a week and 1/2, I couldn't drive for two weeks. I went back to surgeon after a week and could barley move with out assistance. They sent me for a CT Scan and told me it must have been muscle damage and put me on 400 IB Prophen. I still have pain when I walk, cough, sit, lay down and getting up. Hurts to take deep breaths. I would like to know if this is all part of the healing and if so for how long??? My experience with this has been the worst surgery I have ever had. I have even had a C Section that didn't hurt as bad as this and with that was up the next day. How long till I don't have any pain? Thanks for your help!