nite 2 having to take my xanax cause i can feel the panic and anxiety attacks comming on, i know alot of this has to do with my hormones, but geesh, when can i go thru life with none of this anxiousness, palpatations, feelings of doom and that im dying. i cant handle this and it scares the sheesh out of me. i do good in the day, with maybe off and on anxiety, very little though, then at nite it gets worse. i get scared and i know its not real and i know that i got to keep telling myself that this is an illness and thats when the panic starts to go away. i talk to alot of people i know who has panic and anxiety, i just cant believe how much people actually go thru this, does anyone know if i take the xanax 3 times a day as prescribed, if it will avoid these bad days? thanks for your help