VA's caregiver payments not enough, critics say.
Let me explain something here. I have a caregiver that is paid by the state for TAKING CARE OF ME, not to live off the money that is paid. I require constant care and the state only ALLOWS so many hours for my care. I do not have PTSD but I am disabled and cannot walk. My caregiver has had to take on two jobs and school as well as taking care of me, for him to survive. My hours were even CUT due to budget cuts! A caregiver is about helping another persons life and not about how much YOU should get paid to do it. Before we got this program, my caregiver did the same chores for my health and mental stability. IT'S BECAUSE HE CARES! Yes this is a lot of work, doctors appts, surgeries, medications, rubdowns, physical therapy, feeding, cooking, dressing, bathing, driving to more doctors appts, shopping and more but it is because he cares and does the best damned job that I have needed for many a year.
He is a law student in this third year of law school but he manages and never a complaint. It's about the heart and the concern for another person who cannot do these things for himself.
The reward he gets is when I am out of pain and then he knows he has done his job.
That's what a caregiver is all about!
Proudly signed... The Mad Man