Needs more explaining and am grateful for the chance to do so.The patient is my 37 year old daughter who was diagnosed in 2004 with secondary breast cancer.Karen had surgery to her liver and until last summer led a near normal life on Hormone treatment.Last year symptoms developed elsewhere and after trying one or two changes of treatment she was given Chemotherapy for the first time along with Herceptin.Karen had a real rough ride throughout her treatment but was told when only Herceptin (and Zameeta ) she would feel so much more like herself.She will be getting her second Herceptin infusion next week and between the first and now her flushes have been dreadful.
I have registered on here in the hope of learning something new to combat the flushes prior to next week as over the years it has become so clear to me how so many patients react in so many ways.Any information would be gratefully recieved.I thank you for taking the time to read this.