Hello I have insomnia and I can't sleep at night so I'm looking to buy a herbal tea to help me sleep. However I am currently taking medications I'm on 30mg of diazepam & mirtazapine does anyone know is there are interactions between chamomile tea and diazepam/mirtazapine?
If there is an interaction is it due to the dosage of the medication of the amount of teabags/cups of tea? If I tea bag of Chamomile tea isn't enough can you drink 4-5 cups before going to bed at night? I take the diazepam and mirtazapine at around 1pm so how many hours do I have to wait before I can drink Chamomile tea?
I've searched for other teas such as Valerian root tea, Lavender tea, Kava Kava root tea and Jasmine flower tea which tea do you recommend I buy one that does not interact with the medications I'm taking. Thanks in advance