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Hepatitis B Prevention - What is the most basic difference between hepatitis A & B ?

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Hepatitis A, which literally means inflammation of the liver, is a self-limiting infection, viral in nature. It is contracted by drinking or eating contaminated food or drinking water contaminated by feces from an infected person. It usually runs its course in a few weeks with no lasting damage to your liver.
Hepatitis B is a viral disease caught by the sharing of needles by drug abusers injecting drugs, or by blood transfusions before blood banks started testing for the virus. This disease has an acute phase with flu like symptoms and sometimes yellowing of the skin and white parts of your eyes. After the acute phase, the chronic phase sets in and sometimes become dormant, other times continues to cause symptoms all the time. It attacks your liver causing damage.
This disease is not curable. There is not a cure for viral illnesses, the best that can be done is to treat the symptoms. One of the medications used is anti-virals and interferon.
It's a complicated disease with a complicated treatment. A liver transplant is usually not available as the hepatitis virus would attack the new liver. Anyone with hepatitis is contagious and can be spread by mothers to babies, sharing needles and sometimes sexual intercourse. It is not a pleasant disease.
If you need further information, you can talk to your doc as this is the short version of the disease..
Peace be with you and be healthy.
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