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Hepatitis C - What are the new drugs for Hepc and are they any good meaning,is there a cure?

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Stephen Treloar 7 Nov 2014

The new drugs available are a leap beyond where they were 3-4 years ago and are not available in all countries and cure rates depend on genotype but cure rates with the new drugs exceed 90%.

Happy4now 9 Nov 2014

Hi dezTroy -- many people are being cured these days.. Even some of the hard geno types are clearing the virus. The type of meds used depend on the genotype.. If you search HepC, you will find the name of meds being used. Good luck!
I was one of the lucky ones that cleared the virus after two treatments. Last being -- incivek, pegasys and ribavirin.. Treatment was not easy, I'm not going to lie but all worth it! Now a days the drugs used have much less side affects.

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