... years ago. Back then it was called hepatitis non A non B. I was put on medication which I unfortunately, don't remember what it was called, but it did make me feel better and eventually the jaundice was gone. I can only say that because I didn't have insurance that no other options were presented to me, can someone help me with this? Now I have had this for like I said over 25 years, I am wondering if I should have a biopsy done which I never had. what are my chances at this stage, that I could be put on one of these medications( I've never heard my Dr mention any of them) and eventually be hep c free?
I have had blood work done periodically at least once if not twice a year at times when I did have insurance. I was always told, that I had chronic hepatitis C, but not chronic active. I am not sure about any of this I'm very confused, & I really would like for some opinions and suggestions, any help that I could possibly get would be very appreciated.
Note: I currently go to a pain management clinic. This is the only Dr. I have right now. Because of my other preexisting conditions I can't find a Dr that will take me on within 250miles of my home.
again, I want to thank you ahead of time for any help you can give me. Elaine