Ok... I have Hepatitis C. I have known this for a while! I had a liver biopsy a few months ago?And that was one of the most painful things that I have ever gone through!!But that aside... My doctor wants me to start taking the drugs peg interferon alfa (pegassist), ribavirin, and victrelis... This was back in january when they told me this... I still haven't started taking the meds! The reason is because I have heard sooooooo many horror stories about the side effects with this treatment! I am very sensitive to drugs and if there are side effects,i usually have them and I have the bad ones!!Also... There is no promise that if I take these drugs and get through them that I will still not get sick from hepc and die anyway!!! What I am asking is for anyone and everyone who has been on this drug therapy for hepc or who has had a loved one on it to tell me their experience... Good or bad!!! Do not lie to me!!I need the absolute truth so that I can make my final decision about these meds! From what I have heard it is horrable!!! And I don't have time to be sick for the next year and a half! I feel better now than I ever have since I have been on the methadone program and off of drugs and I do not want to mess that up with this treatment! Especially if there is a big chance that it won't work anyway!!Your honesty is very appreciated!!Looking forward to your responses!!Thanks!!! Recoveredgirl!!~~~