good morning!I hope all of you out there know Jesus christ as well as he knows you.Makes me feel wonderful in side knowing Im still in a world where people enjoy the finer things in life! I am having a variety of problems,my hands and feet have been cramping also my throat seems to be to small at times in places to where I cannot swallow food no acid reflux only chewed food comes up never reaches stomach.I have quit drinking on a daily basis and also do not take tylenol period.Ive had hepc since 1999,And I have never had treatment due to drugs and alcohol abuse at that time I was satsfyed to die.How ever my life has changed and my attitude has also.Are these symptoms of a much worse stage? Can someone out there determine from these symptoms what stage I am at? Its like my throat has swollen shut in places at times early in the morning or after lying down it seems worse its seems the food gets so far and forces its way back up,accompanied with pain at times due to over size amount in area.It was water only for 2-3 yrs now food also at times.IM a 49 yr old and female smoker. I am genieo type one.I do not have low salt or pottasium levels unless my nutients are not being distibuted n the proper manner due to my liver malfunctioning from the disease? help?Also I noticed some time when I cough my liver? feels very tender.Someone mentioned calcium levels beng low causing muscle pain.And before my doctor resigned she had me take vitamin D at 50,000,00 units once a week for a month Since then( yr ago)Ive tryed to be sure I consume a proper amount of vitamin D and also calcum since one needs the other in order to work properly.My hair and finger nals are prettier than they ever have been long and thick.