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Hepatitis C - can dialysis be used to temporarly treat hep C?

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Marvell 27 Jun 2010

No, dialysis won't help treat Hepatitis C at all.

angelo2122 28 Jun 2010

I answered this question here yesterday. What happened to it?

roses2 28 Jun 2010

Some of the questions here... seem like they're posted by pranksters!?

Inactive 29 Jun 2010

Excuse my ignorance. I asked a valid question. This is the only way I can learn, is to ask, never mind how "stupid" it may seem to anyone. No prank, just don't have the high level of IQ that is expected of me.

rvnew 14 Jan 2012

Annoymous, I think you had a valid question which was obviously based on your level of knowledge. With the hep c virus the liver doesn't clean toxins from the blood like it would if it were in good condition. Dialysis cleans the blood of toxins so the connection is obvious. To me it doesn't seem far fetched to wonder if something like dialysis could help hep c. Please don't let an insensitive response deter you from asking questions. Sometimes people do ask questions as a prank but usually people on this site are willing to help anyone with information that may be helpful and useful. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. There's a lot of information on the internet about hep c. I think Hepatitis Central is a good site for information on hep c.

Keep asking, keep learning. Knowledge is power!

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