Had surgery for bi-lateral tram flap breast re-construction; given heparin like drug to avoid blood clots. Then got a massive abdominal haematoma. Two years later had pacemaker implanted, given heparin to prevent blood clots then had a coronary artery dissection a week later (atypical patient as I am 70). Had uterine bleeding while on warfarin so had this treated surgically and given heparin instead of warfarin for several days. Bleeding then continued for weeks. After arterial clots was given dabigatran which is showing indications of causing similar problems

I am acutely allergic to aspirin, mycin antibiotics, penicillin and azo dyes and certain salycilate foods and probably certain pill coatings. 6 months of heart drugs such as clopidegrol and amiodorone (to treat non-normal, paroxymsmal AF) caused the total collapse of my thryoid, massive impairment of the kidneys (only partially recovered after 12 mths without the drugs),sever liver damage and damage to the pituitary. Warfarin causes massive muscle weakness including causing silent migrains affecting my eyes so I can no longer focus the eyes.

I am trying to find out how to prevent having blood clots and/or a heart attack without the acute side effects. Also why all these drugs affect me so adversely.