My question is can I be a candidate for Harvoni if I already have cirrhosis of the Liver? Before I was on a treatment and a red flag came up on one of the medicines I was on. I got scared and when my doctor called me that night to explain to me what was happening. I told him I already knew this and that I am scared. I wanted the Harvoni even if it's with another medication. I think with my way of thinking I was very happy at the time thinking, I was going to get on the Harvoni treatment. Since it wasn't what I expected I got depressed and scared. I started the meds being very careful til one day i had read a red flag went up and I got scared. Now this was a few years ago. My sister had gotten Cancer and me being the oldest sister. I had to be there for my sister. I took care of her after she was a year in remission. I'm back to taking care of her. They found a tumor in her brain. With all the surgeries at this point Nothing else the doctors can do. The cancer is spreading. She now has terminal Cancer. With all this being said I started experiencing cramps on my legs every single day for the past 6 months. I came back home and had discoloration on my feet toes, feet feeling numb. I ended up going to the doctors she send me to get my arteries and veins checked making sure I wasn't getting any clogs. Results came back negative everything is good. So I get more lab work done here I have low potassium blood is thin. With that my blood now is thin. If I need surgery of any kind I would need blood transfusion. So I asked can this all be happening because of my Hep C she said yes. That I would need to see the DDA specialists. So this is more blood work getting my viral load and other blood work they want to know numbers. Has anyone out there have this experience cramping, low potassium oh and my legs feel like they on fire my knee beginning stages of arthritis on my right knee. I thought it was liquid. Has any one experienced any of my symptoms and if yes was it because of liver damage. I'm fighting myself now to stay alive. I know I should of done this along time ago. My sister needs me but now I have some help with hospice going to the house. I can at least go to my appts and fight for my life. Please anybody can give advice an opinion or have gone thru these symptoms. I am open for all that would share experience strength and hope. Thank you all that read this my apologizes for being so long. Sorry :)