I know that in the end every one is going to say just leave but its really not that easy. Me and my boyfriend Alex have been together 3 years tomorrow. The first year and a half were great we were really really in love. Just over a year ago we got a apartment together. We have never had the perfect relationship but compared.to now it was amazing. About a year and a half ago Alex started getting into pain pills mostly perks he hid this from me and it caused many fights when I would catch him in the bathroom smoking the pills. I made him choose me is the pills and at first he said he chose me but I melt catching him smoking off tin room in the bathroom he tried so hard to hide it but I would catch him at least 2 times a week. Eventually it lead to me kicking him out of our house. Less than a month later he moved back in promising he had quit and I let my love for him hide a lot of signs showing he was still using not to much later. One day I caught a friend of his smoking in my house we talked and he told me it was not perks but herion I confronted Alex and again he promised he would stop but what a surprise he didnt. I tried to get him to quit for so long that I figured maybe if I let him smoke it he would soon see how addicted he was andquit on his own. Eventually with in the last few months he persuaded me to try it. I have been smoking herion with him now for a few months and I thought it would help or relationship and stop the fighting but it has just opened a.whole new world. Of fighting. I can honestly say wa of right now I am nor addicted cause it still makes me sick and kills me to see the way he freaks our when its gone and he tries to trick me into buying more when I hate doing it everyday. Recently in the last 2 weeks I have found money missing out of my bank account several times. He is stealing from me cause he needs his drug and. Is hiding how much he uses from me again. It's killing me today I found another 60 dollars missing from my account. I just don't know what to do I want to help him but.it seems like I only make it worse he hA admitted to me he has been using herion for a year and q half now and lied and said it qwas pills at the. Beginning. I love him so much since we have been higher for 3 years but I deep down I know I need to make him leave. His temper is so horrible I.just don't even know how to say it and don't think he would even leave if I told him to since he has no where else to go. I'm 19 and ha is 220. I just want to know how to end thus cycle of.loss he has created. It killing me. His parents don't know he has thus addiction but so I think about telling them as that might know how to help him better than me. Any advice? Sorry its so long