I had gotten the HPV vaccination Garadsil mid 2011-mid 2012 and had brief protected anal sex Nov 2014. Got tested for any STDs and any abnormalities they were negative. After the testing I stopped being sexually active for almost two years. This past July I had internal hemorrhoids and took hydrocortisone for a month and I thought it was fully cleared. Late August, I started becoming sexually active again with a different partner, protected vaginal and anal. We did this again 10/24 and 10/31. So far the only thing I feel unusual is abdominal bloating since August, small amounts of blood inside solid stools and two hard painless pea-sized lumps located an inch from the left of anus. There is no itching, bowel pain and straining can be minimal to vast, and the only major rectal bleeding that has occurred was during my last constipation. I went to another doctor about this, but he says it's hemorrhoids as well and the bumps are hair bumps, that I don't believe. My partner says he got tested before we met and after we've had sex. I am trying to get a colonoscopy to further understand what's going on before I wait too late. Do you think what I have is just hemorrhoids or do I have the signs of anal cancer regardless of condom use and vaccination?