63 year old Caucasian male, 5'10", 185, active, no exercise program
Gross hematuria began Jan 2012; repeated April and June; CT scans July; PSA 7.9; Prostate biopsy & cytoscopy Nov. 20, 2012.
CT scans=3 small kidney stones ( 2 left, 1 right), swollen prostate
Biopsy=no cancer but area to watch
Bladder=no anomalies
I have taken 20mg Lisinipril / 25mg HCTZ for 8 years, recently upped to 40mg without taking the HCTZ. I have been using salt substitute regularly for six months, sporadically for years.. BP averages 140/85. After biopsy gross hematuria and blood in ejaculate are continuous for 12 days. Color has become darker red (crimson) than earlier discharges.
Questions: What does the darkening mean? When should the bleeding subside? Does the long term use have implications? Does the potassium substitute create or aggravate the condition?