25 year old female. I've been having flank pain and abdominal pain. Went to the emergency room because I couldn't lift my right leg without shooting pain up into what felt like my kidney. Nausea, no vomiting. Tired all the time. Referred to urologist. Had cystoscopy, bladder was normal except for some blood. Still have blood in my urine. One small non-obstructing kidney stone. Blood work says my neutrophils were high and my lymphocytes were low. My albunin was also high and my globulin was low. Had numerous tests done and cystoscopy. Bladder is normal. One small non obstructing kidney stone. What could be causing the pain, the blood in the urine, the degenerated cells, and the abnormal blood work? Please help. Urologist said could be nerve related, not sure what that means. NO INFECTION WHAT SO EVER