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What helps a runny nose?

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kaismama 21 Apr 2014

Depends why its running. This time of year it can be allergies and then any of several anti histamines would help. If its from medications, then only a change in med would help. If its illness, treatment and time.

DzooBaby 21 Apr 2014

Antihistamines usually work best if your nose is running due to seasonal allergies. This time of year is bad for allergies in the US because it is springtime and everything is blooming out causing pollen allergies. If you dont know if it is allergies then see your doctor for advice.

smileyhappy 21 Apr 2014

If you just have a small cold the daulphin system is good you can find it at the pharmacy. But if you have a post nasal drip and need something with a presc. I use Atrovent nasal spray! free discount card

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