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What really helps migraines ?

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DzooBaby 6 Feb 2013

Everybody is so different in what helps. I have found that taking a daily beta blocker works for me. A beta blocker will do nothing for the pain in progress, it is taken daily to prevent the headaches. It can take several months to work. Imitrex has a good track record for true migraine pain. It never fully worked for mine because I would get not only migraine but muscle spasms too. Chiropractic can help if you have cervical problems that lead to migraine pain. Some people find taking antidepressants help. Some find it is food that triggers them so a food diary can help with that. Write down what you eat every day and look for patterns. If you use pain medication, you need to take it as soon as you know the migraine is coming on. Some pain relievers cause rebound headaches so try to use these analgesics sparingly. There is truly no easy fix. It takes a lot of trial and error to see what works best in your case. There is a lot of good info online if you look for it.

Inactive 6 Feb 2013

Hello jenniferS31. It would or might depend on ones body chemistry. Over the years, coffee has worked in my favor. Perhaps once per year, I have a severe headache, but not what I would consider to be a migraine. And throughout up untill my middle age years, I had severe, migraine. Regards pledge

sara12345 6 Feb 2013

I would really need more information about your migraines. How often are they? How long have you had them? How severe are your migraines? Do they cause vomiting sometimes? What have you tried so far? Do you have any neck or shoulder stiffness? I know a great deal about many treatments for migraines, but need more information to help you.

jenniferS31 7 Feb 2013

about 2 yrs ago my boyfriend(who has the problem) fell out into a seizure. we took em to er where they said dint really know what caused it,next day happen again a month b4 all this he started having really bad head aches... so 2nd seizure we went to different er which did a ct scan found a cyst "not reason for his problems" so they say. he had been to er month b4 and no cyst but 2nd ct showed on long story short... they pretty much said it was all in his head. well 2 yrs later same problems but now he gets em so bad his eyes bleed like tears & whites of his l eye is filled with blood yes he vomits,cant see,neck stiffs up but they say its not cyst hes on lortab , fioricet, feverfew, tyllenol 4 take with vistaril nothing seems to help hes tried alot of basic migraine meds and anti depression so any kinda ideas would like to know thanks

sara12345 7 Feb 2013

Oh my, I have never heard of "his eyes bleed like tears & whites of his l eye is filled with blood". Have you taken him to a neurologist and opthalmologist? It sounds far more serious than I thought. Make sure he goes to a neurologist if he hasn't already.

As far as treatment for headaches which occur more than twice a week, has he tried any of the daily migraine preventation meds like Topomax? He can't take pain reliever med more than twice a week without risking rebound migraines. Fioricet is especially bad for severe rebound migraines if taken more than 2 times a week. If his neck is stiff, then nerve block and trigger point injections would most likely help him. If he has already been on a number of daily migraine prevention meds, then he should be eligible for Botox injections which usuallly work for people that have not been helped by the daily meds. I would not have him take Feverfew until you check it for toxins through

wandaer 23 Feb 2013

a little lavender oil mixed with a little peppermint oil and massage it on your
temples relax an your bed. Trust me.

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