I have been in a most severe depressed dark place for weeks. I was diagnosed with depressive/anxiety disorder in my mid 20's. I am now 61 and, oh yes, I am a woman. I have been on so many a/d's over the past four decades it could be a good book, show, or made for tv movie!
In Autumn of 2014 I went off Citalopram and went on Cymbalta 80mg. This is what I am now coming off of.
All kidding aside, I also started on Abilify 10mg. Have already put on more that 10 lbs in a week. I am a survivor of an eating disorder. Just because I am not actively participating in what goes on with eating disorders, puking, laxatives, etc, doesn't mean I am free of the thoughts. I like being on the low side of normal when it comes to weight issues.
This is making me crazier.
At first I read some fabulous reviews on Pritiq and went back to my doctor to get a script. Now I am seeing a variety of different views on Pristiq.
I just want to feel better.
My friend who is on Abilify is in such a great mood, with oodles of energy and the like. I am so down, so lacking motivation and anything else to help to live.
Has anyone felt better AND lost weight on Pristiq?