I have been on suboxone for over 3 years, the biggest mistake of my life! I wish I was never introduced to this very expensive and highly addictive medication! I have finally weened myself down to a small sliver of a .5mg of suboxone and I am up to my 3rd day without it. However I get the "creepy crawlies" and can not settle my self down to sleep. I was prescribed by my Suboxone Dr. Colonsapam (anti-anxiety pill) and it helps, but I feel like I have to take it every night and I have been increasing the amount and I don't want another addition! He then suggested Melatonin and that helps too, but has a hang time for me! Is there any other suggestions for the creepy crawlies? I can not settle myself down, I toss and turn and I can't stop thinking about taking a sliver of suboxone, but I have to stop this, it's too expensive and I want to be FREE! I work out, keep myself busy, but the night is too much for me and I need sleep! HELP ME PLEASE I FEEL TRAPPED!