I am new to drugs.com and I really don't know if i'm using it properly. I have asked this question already but not sure if it was posted the right way. I have been struggling to get off opiates, failed at a self methadone taper and want desperately to end this nightmare. I have 12 suboxone remaining from a relapse about a year ago. Can I detox with this amount? How do I start? Is it possible to just get up to four milligram and then come down daily for a week? I am fairly new to suboxone but I had an incredibly bad experience the last time with it and I feel like my doctor steered me wrong, had me on it to long and than ignored me as I called him begging for answers to how long my suboxone detox would take.At the end of my last time, I had a longer detox than I would have had I just gone cold turkey off dope. It was horrible and im terrified to start this medication without advice from someone thats had a succesful run with it.. please help!