I have been reading this thread and others and both Robert and Melinda seem to be very helpful to others and I am hoping you guys can help me.

I was in a car accident 2 yrs ago and started taking percocet. started off with 40 5mg tabs every 2 weeks then a year and a half ago i was referred to pain management and they upped my rx to 168 10mg tabs 1 every 4 hrs. about 6 months ago i went from chewing maybe 45 10mg tabs a month to snorting them. now i am up to using 10-20 10mg percs a day and i WANT TO STOP!!! I am afraid of cold turkey and wondered if you would help me with the taperring. I know with the tappering i have to stop snorting them and im ok with that. this drug is ruinning my life and i need help. my boyfriend is very supportive and wants to help me get clean as well. i am afraid of the withdrawl though and like i said before was hoping you would help me taper. my boyfriend is getting my rx on monday and keeping them so he can ration them out to me so that i dont do them all within 2 weeks. any help with starting to detox would be greatly appreciated.