taking oxy for my injury. i Broke a vertebre in my back while playing ice hockey. i have been taking 2-30mg oxycodone when the pain is unbearable.im 6 foot 200 pounds. my question is. when i stop taking this stuff (which i want to) how bad will the withdrawls be. my friend gave be a couple of subs to help. i usually only dose once a day as i dont want to abuse this stuff. My older brother died when he was 17 from a herion overdose so this stuff scares me. i just took 2 and it wasint really working so i took one more. i feel really weird. i know il be ok im not freaking out i just need some positve feedback. i am a very active individual who doesent want to get hooked on this stuff. Thanks for your time and sorry about spelling its 3am and im kinda fucked up. cheers